20 March 2013

some kind of spring

all night it snowed. then it snowed all day.
tiny flakes that zipped down, straight and fast
big fluffy flakes that meandered
snow that came down hard and closed the space between my window and the apple tree
snow that blew sideways in cartoon spirals
snow that shhhhhhhhhhhed against the windows
snow that was silent
snow that piled up and fell off the trees, or got blown off in big white sheets
snow that stuck to the pine needles, the divots in the bark
snow that still weighs down the branches
snow that the plow truck pushes up against mountains of older snow, iced into place
snow that softened all the edges into curves
snow that holds long morning shadows like lattice

yesterday, every kind of snow...
but today? spring.


markmarv2004 said...

Beautiful and cold.

You made me see and experience your snow, and I'm glad I'm here on March 20, though I'd love to be with you and Della and Doug...wherever. xo Pa

sprogblogger said...

Oh this made me smile! Yes yes and more yes!