30 October 2013

Journeys: the day after

waking to a flat cloudy sky

the long dark morning of late fall, the slowest dawn

a stillness

it hits me that it was not a dream

my grandparents used to live on long island sound, on a bluff with a view out over the water. one cold winter, the sound froze.

and where there had been motion, there was suddenly a jarring stillness.

yesterday when I came home, alone, my eyes moved to all of his places-- seeking a glimpse

the kitchen under the highchair

the strange spot on the shoes by the door

the closet

the bed

the bathroom rug

the tub

all night my eyes kept vigil, seeking the tell tale slink or flicker of him.

"I see his tail" Della said once. And then said she was just pretending. But in that moment before she confessed, my heart leapt, as if.

as if.

today, I am busy and grateful for the busy. but my eyes seek the motion that has always been. the quiet company. My friend Lorraine reminds me that he is here differently now, and "here" has expanded into everywhere. But my eyes and heart ache for the familiar, the furry presence, the small reassuring movements of breath and tail and whisker.


Sprogblogger said...

I am so very sorry. Truly. Holding you all in my heart tonight.

Emily Erin said...

Oh sweet Kate, I am so sorry for your loss, but glad for sweet Finn to be present in your life in new ways. I wish you peace and pleasant memories of a much loved friend.

It Is What It Is said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your long companion. It is hard, I know it to be true, losing both of my beloved dogs within 2 months of each other in 2009.

He had a life well loved and there has to be some peace in that.