10 February 2014

4 years ago (aka winning the lottery)

4 years ago tonight, I was at home, wondering what might be happening with the two little embryos that had been transferred that morning... I was feeling oddly happy. Optimistic even.

Right now, one of those two little cell clusters is sitting on Doug, saying Again, Daddy-- I am bringing the baby to the doctor for a shot, but not an ouchy shot, a gentle shot...you be the doctor.

A billion and a half shots later, here we are.
holy moly.
How amazing is that.


Mo said...

YAY!!! This post made my day. From one immensely grateful person to another, I'm so glad to be out the other side with you! Remember that long-ago day when we met with sprogblogger in Brooklyn - thrilling to be where we all are now!

sending love,


Emily Erin said...

What a wonderful moment. Glad that you are past the shots and on to the happily ever after.