10 November 2014

so much

yesterday, my amazing Della turned 4.

I cannot believe it, but here we are. She is amazing, dazzling, delightful, dramatic. She is her own fine self and don't you forget it. She is tender and bright as hell.

Today, we signed the papers for a small (read: tiny) house. This week is all about moving. And with that, and birthdays, a time for reflection and projection, and I am working, breath by breath, to remain or return to the Now.

I brush my face against her hair and breathe in.
Now, I say.

So much.

Photos soon.


Susan Jett said...

Congratulations on house news & on Della's birthday. Such a big girl - can you believe how far we have come? So happy for you, dear Kate. & Happy birthday, Della.

alyssa said...

xxxx. and yay, house!

Emily Erin said...

Oh so glad to hear it! Happy, Happy Birthday Ms. Della-- you are so loved and cherished! I can't wait to see pictures!