16 January 2015

on hair loss and vanity

well now... I was not imagining it: My hair has been falling out. Lots of it. Enough so I can now see my scalp easily from the top, through what is left. and I have a near bald patch the size of my palm in the back (aided, of course by a cowlick that just opens up the whole area to cold wind, and vanity has kicked in, and I am horrified.

I saw the doctor. I am getting bloodwork. I suspect thyroid. Any positive stories out there to share with me? I will learn to crochet beanies if I must, but damn.

I'd love to hear powerful stories of regrowth.

The metaphor is not lost on me.


Emily Erin said...

I have no such stories, but deep and abiding love, and good thoughts filled with snuggly hats if needed. I hope that it's something easily fixable such as thyroid, but will hold you up to the light until you know more.

Emily Erin said...

Just checking in-- how is her Kate-ness? I hope that all is well and that your hair is growing with wild abandon, but if not, I am a prayer warrior who needs only know what prayers you need. Sending love and light.