06 January 2016

battle scars

So I don't know if I posted about this or not, but last winter when my belly suddenly was sticking out (I guess my summer-of-pilates expired rather abruptly), Della was telling people we were expecting a baby. Two (much younger than I am) friends were expecting at the time, so it was natural for her to be trying that on, but for me it was thorny painful horribleness as folks came up to me faces softened with the happy news, and I had to say No no no, this is just me. just me and my belly.

Now Della puts her hands on my belly and says, I wish your eggs weren't so old.

Me too, love.
me too.

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Erin Robinson said...

Oh Kate. Ouch. That's so hard. Isn't it sad when sweet little ones unknowingly open those wounds?

I am glad that Della is a delightful person, but that doesn't mean that it's not sad to not have another wonderful soul like her in your life.

Sending love.