12 June 2011

7 months+ so big

Dear Della,
These were taken at my mom's when you were just 7 months old.
This month has been a month of reaching for us, arms out, big smile, it has been a month that has included CRAWLING very fast, scary fast, one knee, one foot, faster than I can believe. You also started creeping? What is it called when you pull yourself up,stand up and move around the room holding onto things, cruising-- not creeping-- you pull up and stand and move. You are so strong and so amazing. You want to let go, and you do, and then you sit down hard and stand up again. Oh I have so much to learn from you! It has been a month that has included lots of solid food-- bananas and oatmeal are both favorites, as is guacomole. You play carefully (mostly) with the cat, wiggle with happiness, love the bjorn. You love walking with me anywhere. You love shopping, so much to see! People to smile at! You bite which sucks ass and I hope you stop. You bite and laugh you little sadist with razory teeth. There is no sleeping through the night, but we sleep differently than we did. We are still nursing in spite of the biting, and we both love it when you are sleepy. When you are awake it is a lesson in persistence for both of us-- you nurse and look around, nurse and look around, nurse and look around, but you are also very efficient so the nursing you do do is enough. We roared at each other a few nights back, you squawked your pterodactyl sound and I replied and made you laugh and we did it over and over because nothing is as addictive as your laugh and oh my voice is still sore. We click back and forth, do How Big, and peek-a-boo. You clap, and you clap my hands Hard. Ok, you're pulling at the stool my laptop is perched on, looking at me with big beautiful brown eyes fringed with EPIC lashes, I have never seen anything as beautiful as you are and I have seen some beautiful things indeed.

I love you beyond measure, and am so honored to be with you every moment that we share.


sprogblogger said...

Oh she's lovely! And isn't the cruising thing wonderful/horrifying? I feel like I spend every waking minute cheering him on & simultaneously wishing he'd stay a baby (safe!) forever. She's absolutely beautiful, and she sounds like a true joy (though I wish for your sake that she'd quit with the biting, already!) So good to hear an update!

Nic said...

She is adorable and so big! Pleased she is well.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Those eyelashes really are epic.

She just gets more and more beautiful.

Joannah said...

She is beautiful and amazing! I can't believe it's been seven months already. Time does fly by. :)

Emily Erin said...

She is so lovely-- and how exciting that she's becoming her own little person! Sounds like she'll be off and running sooner than you'd like! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!

What IF? said...

Awwww! Kate, I love this post for all its gutwrenching love, truth and detailed observation of your gorgeous little Della. Seven months... wow. Where has the time gone?

Grade A said...

Della is gorgeous, Kate. Your post was so tender. The biting comes and goes...but the time just goes, as you already know. Hope all is well.