20 October 2011

Weather report

Cloudy, misty rain with a bit of funky offness, skin too tight-ness, heart too tender-ness.
So, I have made myself ginger peach tea, and a bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin pie spice (CLOVES) and brown sugar, and I made sure I am warm enough and am now trying to recalibrate my mood.

Outside it is looking a lttle novembery but it feels more like spring.

I realize, once again, that I have put myself in a position where I don't feel I can do my best for everyone I have said yes to. So I am strategizing. Trying to figure out how I can salvage the situation to make myself feel better, more under control, more capable, less conflicted.

It starts with time. Do I have enough? How do I make more available? What is the tradeoff? Is it worth it?
And it also starts with a simple question that makes me uncomfortable:

Is this bringing me more joy and satisfaction or less?

Hmmm. Think I will go drink my tea and distract myself a bit.

**if you want to watch me babble about this, head over to heartwork for a video. **


Emily Erin said...

I hope that your tea leaves bring perspective and a sense of hope.

Elizabeth said...

Well, it has been raining buckets here; something about the jet stream. I understand that -- this superhighway of weather, all speed and power and nothing you can do about it. Of course, even when it seems to be made of gradients and ocean temperatures and things from outer space that we can't do anything about the weather of our lives is never so much so. You know. I wish for you gentleness with yourself. Be gentle. Wish I was there to share tea and marvel at Della; we made pumpkin bread today, dairy free and I'm sure we could have figured GF if motivated. Plum jam that seems not to have set. Sending love,

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kate -- thinking of you and hoping it's a sunny day, open and full of possibilities and room for love.

Emily Erin said...

Swinging by to say that I hope there will be Halloween pictures up soon! Hugs from here!