08 November 2011


A year ago I was in the thick of it I cannot believe a year has passed, remembering it feels like dreaming. Tonight I have a date. TammyLove will come and sit with Della (Della will think it is the best birthday present EVER), and Doug and I will go have dinner. Just the two of us. Time change and tiredness will win out, but not before an hour or two of dinner with my darlin'. Off to get Della, birthday Eve. amazing.

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sprogblogger said...

So glad you had an evening out with your darlin'. Thank you for the birthday wishes & YESYESYES let's set up a time to get together! I can go anywhere you are, Henry's easy in the car--heaven knows he's had a lot of practice lately! And I'd dearly love to see you. It's been WAY too long.