03 November 2011


Keys were found by my darlin'. Apparently someone (cough*della*cough) thought it would be GREAT FUN to hide them deep in the labyrinth of bottles in a 24 pack of bottled water, complete with 4 side shrink wrap. So my mind? not as lost as I thought, and keys are found. Happy me. It is the season of due dates and memory, and I've been spending a lot of contemplative time remembering last year as if it were some sort of dream. In fact, some of my dreams feel more real than my reality. I am sure that means something bad. But anyway, last year this time I was past my due date, enormous, anxious, worried about All That Could Happen especially BAD UNMENTIONABLE THINGS. Here I was a year ago:
Hard to believe the little bundle of energy named Della was ever contained in any way within that great big belly.


B. said...

My keys are usually found in a pair of unoccupied shoes beside the kitchen door, except when a pair of little feet decide to traipse around the house in such a key-carrier. Then, it takes a bit more searching to find them. Remotes, cell phones, and sunglasses are often similarly stored. Our little one loves to "put things away," which could mean anywhere.

I wonder if Della was annoyed when she couldn't get the keys back out. Keys are so much fun to play with!

Emily Erin said...

What a fun picture and a fun time remembering all of the anticipation of Ms. Della. I hope that you are taking good care of yourself and basking in the joys of an almost 1 year old (how did that happen?!).