21 December 2011


Today was cold and rainy, with the kind of air that pushes woodsmoke down like fog. This morning I watched the sky turn light through windows skimmed with condensation, and now, on this second shortest day, it is already dark enough at 4:30 that I can barely see the pines against the nearly black sky.

What I really want to say is thank you. Sincerely. Big-heartedly. Your comments helped knit me back together.

I'll just do what I do here.
And I'll start by posting an image of one of the paintings I did a few weeks back during the campfire weekend.  No need to comment on it. This kind of stuff is really personal, and no two people respond the same way. I want to share it because I like it. Here it is: abstracted November.

Tomorrow will be dark too. But then, the next day? LIGHTER.


Anonymous said...

I like it too.

B. said...

Makes me think of the Dakota Badlands under one of those blinding wintery-white skies.

Quick question for you, about breast pumps. Did you end up going with the Freestyle? I'm thinking about a new one and wondering just how convenient a hands-free & outlet-free pump would be. Then again, I may not have to do much pumping at all if things go more smoothly than they did with Charlotte. I just want to do my research ahead of time, so that if I wind up needing a new pump, for whatever reason, I'll already have decided which one to use.

Be well!