29 December 2011

String theory and old food

A night of hard rain, and the snow is mostly gone for the moment. Only little clumps remain like crumpled up paper in the shadows.

Today feels peaceful, Momma is visiting which is pure bliss for me.  Groceries! Trip to the dumpster! Pumpkin bread! 

I thought I might work some, but time has whooshed by, and now we are waiting for tea to cool before she leaves at 2:00.

I'm having an interesting relationship to time right now, string theory, rubberbanding, stretching out, contracting, knotting, taking for  ev   er , then, in a moment, a week is gone.  Sleep is now filled with dreams informed by whatever I've watched on TV (last night, surfing! skid row! MRIs and music!, the other day planet earth! shark infested waters!)  and an almost schizoid cleaning out of the fridge dreams, a bit of everything, nothing, no narrative, no sense, just Stuff.  Stuff that perhaps has spent too much time in tupperware.

a day passed since I began this post.
time doing that rubber band thing
and me
choosing to post rather than waiting for epiphany.

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