16 July 2012

Happy to you!

A weekend of sick baby and fever and no sleep and the weekend came and went and oy.
She is better but still not really eating (except nursing). On Saturday, she was hoarding spit in her mouth to avoid swallowing. That throat must have been sore sore sore.
But, to focus on the positive since there is so very much of it (now that the fever is gone)--

Della came home singing one day last week--
"Happy to you, happy to you!"

Could this be any more perfect?

Shouldn't we be wishing this on everyone??

So, I say to you, and encourage you to pass it along:

Happy to you!


markmarv2004 said...

And double HAPPY TO YOU, sweet daughter and Della from your Pa

Emily Erin said...

I love this! Happy to you too! You are so wonderful to share this with us.

B. said...

Yes, yes! Happy to YOU, too! I love singing toddlers. Everything can be a song, and when they don't understand or catch all the words, they make them up into the sweetest ditties imaginable.

In our house, it was a sea shanty about someone's wife that was heard as the "Wipe" song. For weeks, that's all we listened to in the car (where that particular CD lived). "Wipe song again, please!"