11 July 2012


I sing this to Della in a tune I made up--

you are my baby
beautiful, smart, creative and kind
resourceful, resilient, self protective
and sleep through the night

(a bit of fantasy there at the end. I'm just sayin).

computer woes and a wee bit of flailing have kept me away for a bit-- so I'll add some photos my brother in law took this past weekend with his cell phone.
Note the pigtails.
and so it begins.


sprogblogger said...

Oh look at that big girl! I love the pigtails!!!
About the only thing I 'miss' about having a boy-not-girl is that I'd've loved the chance to play with a little girl's hair. Enjoy!

What IF? said...

She is such a gorgeous little sweetie pie, and I adore the photo of you kissing her. May the sleeping fall into place too.

Joannah said...

Okay, that is really sweet! I sing silly songs to Michaela. Here's the one I sing most often:

Baby Punkin
Baby Punkin
You're your mom's Baby Punkin

I love you, Baby Punkin
I love you all the time
I love you, Baby Punkin
I'm so glad your mine

I bounce her while I sing it. It's the lamest, most heartfelt thing I've ever done! ;)

B. said...

So sweet. I hope she picks up on the sleeping part of the song before, say, first grade. Sooner would, of course, be welcome too. Maggie's first smiles were in response to my singing... just sing-songy repetition of her name, which still makes her smile. Charlotte sometimes insists I NOT sing, but whenever she's sad or hurt, she likes to snuggle into my lap for some songs. Singing is powerful stuff, and the root of lots of happy memories. I imagine Della dn Charlotte and Maggie singing to their own special people some day.