06 October 2012

reality, and the fine thing of being home

it turns out that 3 days = eternity
badly timed air travel and a crappy hand pump meant my first experience of engorgement on the way to las vegas (holy moly, how insanely uncomfortable)
remembered everything I hate about pumping
wore my bathing suit at a very crowded pool for about 20 minutes, simply out of principle
did not sleep nearly enough, and no where near as much as I do here.... very bad...
did virtually no appreciable inner work with the exception of some brief on-bed yoga (no, not a euphemism, sincerely, yoga on the bed, as the rug was wayyyyyyy too gross)  and some Reiki infused meditation.

Some great meetings and progress business-wise, and some very nice connections with people as people.  My boss took me on a long crazy walk the first evening/night through miles of casinos, and then the next evening I spent hours with a dear friend in nearby red rock canyon (glorious) followed by the single, hands-down, exquisitely best meal of my gluten free existence. (Japonais at the Mirage)

But the place? Yeah. Not so much. I pretty much hated everything about las vegas; you can have it.  Excessive excess, to the point of obscenity. I hated the smoke, the cloying air freshener, the sounds, the lights, the crowds, the too much of everythingness.  As a HSP I really had to gird my loins and dig deep and observe while taking in as little as possible.  The people watching was stellar, I must admit, but it was hard to even do that with just so much sensory flooding.

Arrived home bone tired in a way that made my usual everyday exhaustion look like nothing, and am right now off to bed at 8:02.  I am just over my last bug and Della has a new one, so I feel doomed.

I want to write more about lots of things, my belly's recent and unnerving unbalancing act, my amazing almost-2 Della, work stuff, life stuff. But sleep needs me (or, really, I need it) more than anything else right now.  So off I go.

Just so happy to be home.

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Emily Erin said...

Glad that you're home and safe, and glad that you were able to seek out some beauty instead of just casinos. I'm betting that Della didn't forget you; am I right? ;-)

Rest well my friend and awake refreshed. (BTW, I must really like you to comment now, cause I friggin' h8 captchas)