23 November 2011

Mid December Campfire Invitation! December 9-11, 2011

You are invited to the Mid-December Campfire!

Please join me in adding some light to this dark season with our second
virtual creativity workshop!

When: December 9-11, 2011

Where: www.thatplacewego.blogspot.com

What: A totally free, open hearted on-line gathering of like-minded people!

The idea of the campfire began while Squam Art Workshops was taking place
close by and impossibly far, and I realized just how deeply I felt a longing
to be connected to other creative people, in a space that supported creative
exploration with beautiful scenery, amazing food, and opportunity to try new
things.  I realized that even if I could not sign up to attend a real-life
workshop, that did not mean I could not gather with like minded folks,
joining energies to create our own space and intention to take some time to
explore, move projects ahead, try new things, make messes, meet new people,
take risks, or just fold into the welcoming arms of a beloved project.  We
had a great time, and I hope you'll consider stopping by!

Come join me for a weekend of mindful creativity, of music,  of mugs of
chocolate or tea or chai or yerba mate or coffee, of sky gazing, of navel
gazing, of painting or writing or thinking or sewing or imagining or trying
out that new software, that strange setting on your camera, that
needlepoint, that pair of purple tights with those red shoes, that walk in
the woods....

Creativity take so many forms, and there is no one right way-- just come and
join us, knowing folks around the globe are taking time, moments, hours,
whatever time possible in the context of real life to take part in creative
endeavors. If we wait until everything is perfect we'll never do it. So,
please join us! The energy of shared experience is magical, I promise.

Opening campfire, Friday evening, December 9th (or whenever you arrive!)

Please pass this invitation along to folks who you think might want to join
us. I look forward to seeing you there!

10 November 2011

ONE, a brief retrospective

That's our girl. She is all about two-fisted cake eating.
We had a very very happy birthday celebration, including the emergence of her second top tooth.

Better to eat cake with, my dear.

08 November 2011


A year ago I was in the thick of it I cannot believe a year has passed, remembering it feels like dreaming. Tonight I have a date. TammyLove will come and sit with Della (Della will think it is the best birthday present EVER), and Doug and I will go have dinner. Just the two of us. Time change and tiredness will win out, but not before an hour or two of dinner with my darlin'. Off to get Della, birthday Eve. amazing.

03 November 2011


Keys were found by my darlin'. Apparently someone (cough*della*cough) thought it would be GREAT FUN to hide them deep in the labyrinth of bottles in a 24 pack of bottled water, complete with 4 side shrink wrap. So my mind? not as lost as I thought, and keys are found. Happy me. It is the season of due dates and memory, and I've been spending a lot of contemplative time remembering last year as if it were some sort of dream. In fact, some of my dreams feel more real than my reality. I am sure that means something bad. But anyway, last year this time I was past my due date, enormous, anxious, worried about All That Could Happen especially BAD UNMENTIONABLE THINGS. Here I was a year ago:
Hard to believe the little bundle of energy named Della was ever contained in any way within that great big belly.