Infertility after 40: My story

Once upon a time, back in 2008, I started this blog as a place to talk about the weirdness that was infertility. The in-between place of wanting something so badly, but also not being able to make a difference in the outcome by working harder, or learning more, or hoping with more of my heart.

Many many people have been on this ride for much longer than I can even imagine. Our process was fast tracked since I began this journey in my 40s, and we started the journey of parenthood after a miracle pregnancy after IVF attempt #5.

For those of you who have landed here hopeful and in the midst of your own journey and here seeking comfort and confirmation that miracles can occur, here is my infertility history in a nutshell:.

Clomid with a natural cycle, then 3 IUIs with clomid, one failed IVF (long lupron protocol) with zero eggs retrieved (empty follicle syndrome), then a second IVF (antagonist protocol) canceled and converted to IUI due to one lead follicle and very few others-- and, against all odds: a surprising positive! A short miraculous pregnancy (we saw a heartbeat!) ending with a heartbreaking missed miscarriage at 6w+ discovered at 9w.

Since then, a natural cycle (hCG was still too high), another medicated IUI, a cyst so a non-medicated IUI and finally a gloriously perfectly played out 3rd IVF attempt with 5 embryos transferred and then... a big fat negative. A cyst so a natural cycle, then a 4th IVF, 2 embryos transferred and another negative...

One last IVF (lucky#5) in February 2010 with a new clinic and a new protocol, transferred the only two embryos we made the day before I turned 43-- and I got pregnant with one little wiggler! Holy Crap!

Beautiful baby Della was born 11/9/2010!

275 days from a successful fertilization in a petrie dish to Della's arrival on 11/9/10. Oh, my, how lucky we are.

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