07 January 2011

dragon slaying

So I got this new software: Dragon dictate (for mac, it is dragon naturally speaking for the PC)- and it rocks. Truly. I cannot say enough good about it unless it were free. I've had one real session using it (training then playing) and was totally impressed. I promise to do a post using it soon so you can see how well it does with my babble.

But here's the story...I was playing with it after the initial training, as I mentioned, and the baby started crying. The super sensitive microphone on the headset (included, huzzah!) picked up her crying from all the way in the other room (granted, the place is small, ceilings are high, and doors are few).. and the sw started writing and and and every time she cried.

Totally cute.

On a sort of separate note, I've been thinking a little more about what it means to be a mom to a fussy baby, especially after spending time with Sprogblogger and her lovely Henry. I think we all just do what we need to, you know? This is my normal. Della is her own self, and emerged that way. And since I have no prior experience, this is it for me, this is what parenting is. I watch an easier baby like Henry with fascination, since he is more budda-like than my little one. Della has a 20 minute attention span when all is well, cries often when frustrated or bored or over stimulated... we have the shitty belly issues (literally and figuratively), but this just IS.

I am thinking of Sarah of Dreams and False Alarms, her two little tiny babies. Her time in NICU, that is what parenting is for her.

I am thinking about all of us with all of our realities, isn't this always true?
My mom said that having two babies (two years apart) was not much of a leg up either since my sister and I were so different. And I imagine that was true.

This week I thanked her for faking it-- for acting as if she knew what she was doing-- I told her I never knew until now that she was making it up every moment.

Della is asleep (!) and I need to get ready for bed.
But you know? this whole life thing, aren't we are just all making it up as best we can as we go along?


Rebecca said...

Yes, it is true: we all just have to do what we have to do. I have 3 and each one was different (hard, easy, uber hard). But I can say that each child has had easy curves and hard curves. They take turns being magnificent and difficult. It will be the same for Della. One day you'll think: ah, so this is what it's like to have an easy child. And then a month later, you'll be back to: oh, oh, oh, let's get back there!

Kristin Noelle said...

Yes. Yes! Just making it up as best we can. It is always so soothing to hear that put into words.

sprogblogger said...

Seriously wise words, there, my dear. And yeah, I never appreciated my mom so much as I do now!

Emily Erin said...

Before we got pregnant (my Mom died before we got pregnant), I saw my Mom give a speech to 7th-9th graders at a youth retreat where she was trying to explain why parents can be so frustrating while you're 13-15 and she talked about how no one ever lets kids know that we're all just doing the very best that we can at that moment, that children aren't born with a manual, and that really resonated not only with her audience, but later as I was figuring out my parenting choices, I came back to that speech many times to comfort myself about choices that I made as a parent. You're doing great, and don't be afraid that your parenting style looks different from anyone else. This is your normal, and you'll do what's best, I have no doubt. I look forward to reading about it... :-D

Michele said...

We totally are, sister!

And it is interesting too, with Bobby and Maya, to see just how different they are when they have been "raised" the same from second 1. Intriguing... We are who we are.

Melissa said...

I have to remind myself of that all the time! Jackson is who he is and that makes me as a mom who I am. It's hard though at times when you see the "angel" babies but I wouldn't change him for anything. As he gets older I'm really starting to appreciate his spiritedness.

Anonymous said...

I am also mom to a very fussy baby with severe GERD. And though I often wish it were easier for us all, her 15-20 minutes of smiling, cooing etc. keep me sane. On the other hand, I have not eaten at a restaurant since she was born 11 weeks ago :-)