24 May 2011


500 posts, holy moly. This is my 501st.
Remember 501s? You'd buy em big, wash them a bazillion times and they'd fit better than anything. It is hard to imagine being so patient now, even if the outcome was known to be good. Everything now feels so immediate.

My internet at home has been mostly down,
and me, yeah, I guess me too.

House on the market, now under contract, all within a week or so. Now I pray to the various gods (god of pestilence, god of deck rot, god of air radon...) then, if all goes well, bank negotiations since this is a short sale.

I am spinning, so sad, hoping to be relieved but not at all relieved yet. In some ways it would be hugely premature to be relieved although without this offer, nothing else can happen. But until the banks agree, and I know what debt I will be handling, everything is unknown.

So, in great news, Joannah had her beautiful miracle baby, Michaela. I cannot link from this computer but she is at Beauty for Ashes.

Sweet Linda from bad plumbing gave me an award I will post soon. She just had a canceled cycle so that sucks rocks.

Della is magnificent. She is doing crazy things while nursing at night, a new and hopefully brief phase of acrobatics that lasts an hour or more each time. Crikey. I am tired. So is she! This morning before I left? Peaceful baby nursing, old school, lovely.

She is eating real food now along with breast milk. No I am not making my own, I am lucky to be dressed most days, and clean. I also do not have reliable sources of the organic produce I would want to use for such an undertaking, so... for now anyway, jars and squeezy tubes. I'll get back to you on favorites.

I need to go, just did not want to stretch this silence further.
Thanks for checking in.


Sprogblogger said...

I am glad that it's already under contract, but sad for you-- that's got to be a weird place to be in, anxious to sell, but unhappy to be selling. Hoping this goes as easily as it can for you. Also hoping Della gets the 'sleep at night, eat (calmly!) during the day' memo. Miss you, my friend. You're in my thoughts.

alyssa said...

sweet kate, this will all be over soon. i know it sucks ass.

be kind to yourself, do whatever it is that makes things easier, like the food thing with della.

KathyB said...

I look forward to reading the next 501 posts, and all the others after that.
I am pulling for you, Kate.
xo, K

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

An offer already?!? Fantastic! (tentatively of course)

LMK if you're therefore free in the near future to get together.

Emily Erin said...

Hoping that all goes beautifully and the contract moves forward to a sale and you can close the door gently on this part of your life, pat your house and then look for the next right place for your family. I support everyone else you has said that anything which allows you to be gentle with yourself (jarred baby food or having a box packing party with friends -- your house gets packed by those who love you, you feed them pizza and something that could be awful turns into a night of song and story and affirmation of life and friendship). Know that I am sending gentle loving thoughts your way.