08 May 2011

the M word, two teeth, and quitting my day job

My ass has been well and truly kicked by two bottom teeth that decided to arrive without preamble starting thursday night.
We were slow on the uptake, took a return to inconsolable crying as a return of belly issues when, really? white pointy tetons breaking through non stretchy skin in some sort of rapid fire fast forward painful push. Poor sweet kid. One thursday to saturday, the second friday through today so far. Not sure where we are in this moment.
Tylenol, orajel... lots and lots of bewildered tears.

Hard days (and nights) I admit, and we're all a bit worse for wear.

This weekend I visited my sister, and my dad was visiting from Denver, and it was a wonderful fabulous love fest. Driving away was horrible. Dad got to meet Della in real life (we've skyped) and I am not sure anything could be cooler than that. I will have photos but not today. Soon.

The past two weeks I've spent every tiny scrap of time and energy I had making the house ready...packing things up and taking them to the basement. Friday "they" came and took photos of the house and put up a sign. Gosh darn. That's all I'll say about that.

other big (immense, colossal, life changing and please-god-life-improving) news: I looked deeply into my heart, put on my big girl pants, gathered my courage and all of the frayed edges of my self esteem and gave notice at work. My last day will be the end of June. I'll work three days a week until then starting this week. I will be writing more about this I am sure.

Today is Mother's day, holy shit. I hardly know what to say about that either. Except, even hip deep in this particular pile of poop, I could not be luckier than to have Doug and Della in my life. And, believe me, I know it with each grateful breath. I am still stunned at my luck. I would not trade any decision I have ever made that would have deviated me from the path to this moment: Doug singing to Della, christmas lights around the window, the sky darkening slowly but still bright enough to see up through the skylight at the webwork of inky branches holding clusters of buds like hopes and wishes.


Sprogblogger said...

Wow! Big stuff happening, for sure, sweet Kate. Give Della a snuggle for me - teething sucks, that's for sure. Hoping she gets a bit of a break til the top ones come in. I'm very glad you decided to give notice - I'm looking forward to hearing what you do next, because I'm quite sure it will be wonderful and amazing and all kinds of good.

WOuld you believe my word verification word is "mother co"?
Happy Mother's Day, MomKate. Hoping and wishing for many hopes & wishes of yours to come true.

Kate said...

Hope giving up your old job leads you on to a new career that is much more fulfilling.
Hope the teething finishes soon.
And Happy Mother's Day!

Joannah said...

Happy Mothers Day, Kate! I'm so glad your journey led you to where you are now with Doug and Della. That's the good stuff. :)