12 May 2011

6 months old

Photo by my momma, tandem gardening!

photo by TammyLove: Della showing some awesome new sitting skills

Dear Della,
it's been 6 months and three days since you emerged and I got to touch your sweet face for the first time. I cannot believe that so much time has passed, how much you've grown, how big you're getting, and how the You that is Della has truly been there since the beginning. You are curious and intent. Your brow furrows in concentration. You also can raise just one eyebrow at a time and flip your tongue over. You love movement, impatiently ready to move on after I sit you down. You make it clear when we've chosen incorrectly or when you're done. You are not a "sit with" baby, or a put down and be baby. I no longer harbor any fantasies about work I can do while you play or sleep. You can play alone, sometimes for long stretches of time, but we never know when those will be... but then there are other things to do or see or put in your mouth. You sleep alone sometimes, but you sleep best on us. Right now, I am typing this love note with one hand while you sleep across me, delicious warm weight, so long now your legs are curled against my side, your face against my skin.

This month has brought the sudden dramatic emergence of two teeth, you're now sitting, scooting backwards, show a true love of the cat. You eat bananas and LOVE them, pulling my fingers toward your mouth.
You are insanely beautiful, laugh at your dad with true deserved delight, and have eyelashes that are ridiculously long.

To say I love you is so inadequate it is silly. I am humbled by my own perpetual unknowing, my needing to trust myself and us that we'll figure it out.

You are teaching me so much about my own heart.


Anonymous said...

you are so blessed. x

Joannah said...

Oh, she's so precious! I can't believe it's been six months already. I had a thought that I will have a six-month old at some point, but then I realized that I won't because I'm going to be PREGNANT FOREVER! UGH!!!


Emily Erin said...

I hope that you will pull this post out when she's 2.5 or 3 and you're considering selling her to the circus (not that you'd ever do that, but let's just say that other mothers of almost 3 year olds have considered it). And she's going to treasure this when she's older-- what a gift you are giving her, and yourself by documenting these snapshots in time.

It Is What It Is said...

"You are teaching me so much about my own heart."

Isn't that the truth!

linda said...


I just gave you an award...you have to visit my site to grab the icon. :)

I've truly enjoyed reading your blog, following your journey...your writing is heartfelt, a hard journey, a rewarding end, all interlaced with your poetic writing.


Aisha said...

Happy-happy-happy half year birthday to sweet beautiful Della!

I continue to read your regularly, I am sorry I read as silently as I do. Much love to your family and wishing you happiness and joy these second six months to come! Enjoy them- they are going to go by f.a.s.t.

Emily Erin said...

Kate, I just read the children's book "All the world" and it made me think of you, and also think that you might consider creating a children's book-- I think that your writing is spot on for it, and it seems that it would be something you would enjoy.

I love this post to Della, and the second picture of her sitting up and taking notice is PRICELESS!

Elizabeth said...

Hey you -- thinking of you today and always and hoping the universe is speaking to you today and you are going easy. With love,

B. said...

Gardening! I tried that with Charlotte, who insisted I put her down. She ended up pulling the flowers off all the phlox she could reach.

I just saw your 5/1 comment... we can make it to Concord. We can make it anywhere to see you and to witness the beautiful Della in person. Let me know when you feel up to it. I have a p/t job now to work around, but plenty of flexibility otherwise. I'd love to see you again, now that we're on "the other side."