22 August 2011


ba= ball
kehkeh= kitty cat
nigh nigh= night night
adam = ADAM! No kidding! A beloved cousin-- spoken clearly over the weekend
and, today, with Doug at the door, Da Da.

Still not walking unassisted (praise the gods)
Still eating almost anything from a spoon, fork, or from my fingers but not self feeding
Still amazingly wonderfully fabulously great
Still hates the car and car seat more than anything (yesterday's drive back was complete hell)

Looking for advice on car seats for tiny cars (Scion XA)-- she is almost too big for her infant bucket and is in need of the next size up- suggestions are welcome!


kimalli1 said...

We just bought an Evenflo Symphony convertible car seat at Toys R Us for my tiny car (a 2006 Nissan Sentra). This was after trying to buy a more affordable Eddie Bauer XRS 65 at Target (none available). Good luck, because it is HARD to find an affordable convertible car seat! (My daughter Sunny is days older than Della.)

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I tried MANY in my tiny backseat and the Britax convertibles turned out to be the best fit (we have one marathon and one boulevard). They are biggish seats width-wise but they are somehow smaller front to back than most seats. We are extended rear facing and have so much more room than we did with the infant seats. Once the seats turn around to forward-facing (which we hope to do as close to age 4 as possible, but we'll see how long we can do it), almost anything will fit.

kdactyl said...

I second the Britax...we bought one for our son for our Pontiac Vibe and it also works great in the extended cab of my husband's truck...I know they can be a bit pricey..but go to Amazon and look for deals (no tax and no shipping helps and they often put old styles on sale)....but you can't beat the safety ratings on the Britax. Our daughter is also just days younger than Della...we just switched her out of the baby bucket a couple weeks ago. She loves being up higher where she can actually see out the window even though she is still rear facing.


B. said...

We just switched last week from the baby-bucket to a convertible and got the First Years True Fit Recline. It's possibly wider than the bucket was (Chicco Key Fit 30), but allows us to move the front seat back about 6-inches. We're finally able to put both adults in the front of the car, comfortably, although the non-driver usually wants to sit next to Charlotte just for fun. I liked the reviews I read about the True Fit, but am not impressed with the "recline" feature, which doesn't seem to affect the seat's position much at all. I'm amazed at how upright the convertible seat is compared with the bucket, but Charlotte seems to like it and napped comfortably in it on the way home from a petting zoo last week. Even though the True Fit claims to be appropriate for a newborn, I wouldn't put one in it because of how upright the seat is.

I can't believe Della's outgrowing the bucket already. My, how time flies! And speech... so much fun. She'll start accumulating words so quickly you won't be able to keep track. Enjoy!

RobinHead said...

We used the Alpha Omega for the boys, but it us kinda big. One thing we did was to get a mirror to hand on the rearview so that we could see them.
Forward facing them also helped, since they could see us in the car. I know they say keep them rear facing as long as possible, but sanity and happy kids are worth something too.
My sis-in-law uses the Britax. I've had to move it from car to car and, yes, they're safe as hell, but moving them is like moving a tank.


babyinterrupted said...

Another Britax here (Boulevard) - we tried the Graco all-in-one, which is built like a tank, but you need to drive one to fit it in the backseat. The poor passenger in our Subaru would have to ride in the fetal position, I think, so not an option. Sadly, the Britax is not particularly affordable, but should last until she's 70 pounds (though why on earth she would still be in this particular seat in, oh, 5th grade, I'm not sure). At any rate, it's a very good fit in the backseat.