22 April 2012

Fevery but fine

Hey everyone,
I was sick
Della was sick
The computer was sick
and time passed, feverishly, uncomfortably, with the kind of disrupted sleep that is almost funny.
Nights are long this way, so while time was passing, it felt longer than it often does, and that felt like some sort of weird backhanded snotty nosed gift.

Today, computer back from the techs,
Della out with Doug to make room for me to work,
and me? I want to do almost anything else.

Back soon with a post about Ikea.


Elizabeth said...

Feverish and workish (but not wanting to) here too. Thinking of you. xoxo

Emily Erin said...

Hope that you feel better soon!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kate -- thinking of you. I've had an exceptionally crappy week and work and it would be so nice to sit down with a cup of tea (or wine) and just chill out. We are having procession of the species here this weekend. Maybe you all will take a trip out next spring to see it. It is remarkably fun. (search procession Olympia and I'm sure you'll see all about it). Hope you and yours are well. xoxo