06 April 2012

Punk'd: impossible possibilities?

I was punk'd.

I'm not lying, this made me cry as soon as the little suckers took off (if only  I'd made it a bit further...).

This is BBC's april fool's joke, yeah, well, I fell for it, HARD-- see how innocent and hopeful my hopefulness STILL is??? How is that possible? I stand by my tenderness and innocence and hopefulness anyway.  At least, until the penguins come crashing down into the tropical island, then I just feel stupid.

Go ahead, laugh at me.

I'm an engineer ferchrissakes. You'd think I would see Those Wings and say, No Way.
But no.

Here's to having an open mind and a hopeful heart!


Watch with caution--
your very own April Fool.


amazingk8 said...

LOL that is awesome. Exactly the kind of thing you SHOULD fall for.

IF Optimist, then... said...

BWAAAA HA HA HA. I watched this with the girls and at the end they shouted...YYYyyyaaaaaaayyyYYYYY!