25 June 2012

spam creativity

In order to encourage comments, especially from mobile devices, I turned off the captcha "prove you are a human" thing that makes you type in characters gleaned from a drunken etchasketch.  Now I get spam comments, so I guess my plan *worked*, albeit, not quite as imagined.
Anyway, in general these new comments are silly ads, and clearly so. Sometimes though, I get something a little different.

"If the lace while in the most embodies ideal enchanting female, then transparency s really a blatant temptation, like falling into mortal wizard lumber species deep fascination. "


B. said...

Scratching my head, trying to decide if this is funny, disturbing, or insane. Is some computer trying to communicate with us? Is it self-aware? If I graphed that sentence, would it be grammatically proper (albeit nonsense)?


Dream Seeker said...

Pretty weird...I got one the other day on a post about adoption saying 'at last - someone is talking about fertility clearblue test' or some advert similar - needless to say I was furious! I emailed the contact on their webpage to say 'do you have any idea...' etc. etc. (good rant!) and never heard anything back! Hope they're feeling suitably sheepish but maybe not?! xxx