09 January 2013

barf barf barf barf barf, repeat

Oh poor sweet Della.
12 hours of barfing.
seriously, 3-4  every half hour, then every hour... then...maybe..maybe
she is done with the active part I hope, maybe, but I am *done* and sure to be next since I did not sleep more than about 45 minutes.

For those of you who thought you might take part in the Campfire gathering over at Heartwork this weekend, I'm admitting my mere mortal status and rescheduling. Too much barf, too little sleep, not the best foundation for this work.

For those of you out there with kids who had this, is it 12 hours? or are we just taking a break here and I should get ready for a second round?

so help me.


Ben & Anne said...

Oh you poor woman. I live in terror of norovirus at this time of year and with children in day care it is nigh on impossible to avoid. Hopefully Della will be finished with it now, you can take zofran to minimise your episode. At least you will be done with it for the season soon, you should all get a few months immunity after this!

Mo and Will said...

oh poor della, and poor you. sending thoughts.


B. said...

Oh, no. I hope Della's done with it and that your turn is trivial. I sometimes marvel at how un-sick my kids have been, then remember I'll pay for their lack of exposure when Charlotte starts school. Sending healthy and speedy-recovery vibes your way!

tireegal68 said...

Oh that sounds horrible! Poor Della and poor mama! We haven't had it yet but I hear its doing the rounds. However Isobel awoke at 3 something am and didn't go back to sleep until driving over to the sitters house at 9.15 am. That's the horrible fall out of weaning. Which concluded over the weekend. Ugh. I've been meaning to comment on your weaning post because much of what you wrote rang true with me. Esp the hard tweaking of the opposite nipple. Ow! We had gotten down to morning and night and it was really lovely. If you can keep doing that with D and its
Not too painful, I say keep it up. The only reason I did it was to get a mammo so I can try to do an FET. It was emotionally hard for both of us and still is. I hope you both get some sleep and feel better soon!

alyssa said...

i also live in fear of norovirus this time of year, and have zofran in my bag at all times. and i don't even have children.