26 December 2017


Hello loves! Looking-- seriously-- for an only child IVF girl of color -- preferably smart and spirited, to become a penpal with Della. Della is now 7, and would love to find someone to talk with who is like her in ways that her class mates are not.

Her class mates all are white.
They all have siblings or have siblings about to appear (literally, any moment).
And none that she knows of are IVF babies.

So-- anyone know anyone?  Let me know! An older girl is fine too. And "girl" does not need to mean girl parts. 



Helene said...


I'm a near-complete stranger, used to lurk on your blog sometimes.

I can't exactly fill in all your requirements, but since you got no answer yet:
I could ask my own daughter, who is an IVF child and is 8 as of January but is the oldest of two (little brother is an IVF baby as well) and as white as can get. We're French, live in France, daughter is just beginning to learn English in school so I'd need to translate.
Or I could ask my daughter's best friend who's 9, mixed-race (half French, half Malian), an only child, but not an IVF child. Same thing, she barely speaks English so someone would need to translate, either her mother or myself.
Or it could be both! They're both great kids - they've been nicknamed "the intellectuals" by a neighbour, recently... Daughter is very into arts and very imaginative, best friend is majorly into books.

If your daughter would like to try, la.tarask at free dot fr

Kate said...

Helene! You sweet person! Thank you!! Della has found a nearby girl, about her age, to exchange letters with-- and she has not quite found her rhythm yet. I am so humbled by your offer, and as Della grows a bit, I will certainly ask her! Thank you thank you thank you for reaching out. You warmed my heart on this very chilly day.