20 September 2010

400th post

To celebrate my 400th post
I am pleased to announce:

WHOO HOO! Her it-all-ends-well birth story is up on her blog right-this-very-moment to satiate all of us who were refreshing compulsively all weekend.

I am over the moon for her and for The Boy.
Welcome to the world baby Henry,
we are all so very happy to have you here.


It is what it is said...

Very, very happy for her and looking forward to reading your post in the same vain, in due time.

Sarah said...

Happy 400th post, Kate!

B. said...

Four hundred- wow! Can't wait to read YOUR birth story. Less than 6 weeks to go. Is it too early to schedule a play-date for Charlotte and your little one?

What IF? said...

Happy 400th! I count myself among the people compulsively refreshing all weekend long, ha ha. Really looking forward to your birth story. No rush! ;-)

IF Optimist, then... said...

Happy 400th. WOW. That is a remarkable accomplishment and I'm so glad to have been able to share these little tidbits of your thoughts and life.

Remember a long time I ago, I wrote...

fuck yeah.