06 September 2010

week 32

Fantastic News! Joannah is pregnant! She had a great first beta and if you do not already know her story, it is one of true love and true devotion. I am not a crier and I cried reading her post. I am so happy for her, beyond happy really, over the moon.

NoodleGirl Lara had her baby! (BEAUTIFUL oh my)

And us? We're 32 weeks along, and I cannot quite believe it.

I spent too many hours this delicious long weekend job hunting/searching/researching and felt my life force being drained away. Seriously, I had to step away from the computer, get outside, get moving and remind myself that I cannot just let that depletion happen. I have to feed myself good things, love, nature, food, creativity.

Why oh why is it so easy to forget what I already know????

I did get extra sleep each morning since friday (night sleep sucks rocks, but morning sleep is awesome)-- so that was great. I am still tired but at least I've gotten some rest and I know it.

This morning at 4:35am as I got up, I saw this light in the woods through the window. The stars were so bright, Orion was completely visible behind the leafed out trees-- welcome back old friend!


Joannah said...

Thank you, Kate!

Why does work have to be such a pain in the butt for so many of us? Ugh! I wanted to do something meaningful and so I chose teaching. It just shouldn't be so stressful. Sometimes I wish I could make as much money checking groceries at Trader Joe's or selling ticket at Disneyland. Something mindless and easy. Sigh...

I hope you find the right job for you at the right time. In the meantime, enjoy your last weeks of being pregnant and do what it takes to make yourself relaxed.


alyssa said...

i'm with joannah. i want to work as a toll booth collector on the new jersey turnpike. great pay, great benefits, great pension. don't have to take work home with me.

you will find the right job for you. i love you.

Anonymous said...

32 weeks - so awesome

B. said...

Very nearly 33 weeks! I'm thriilled for you and your little one, and sorry you're delaing with job stress right now when you should be completely engrossed in pregnancy and kicks and somersaults. Soon, though, you'll won't have any thoughts to spare for such trivialities as employment, as you'll be wrapped up in mommyhood.

Meanwhile, and there's no pressure here, just a suggestion... if you're not "using" it anymore, and you still have that necklace, do you want to share the karma with Mo? I have visions of the elephant somehow gaining strength as it's passed from one success to another. But I know we're not quite counting your baby's fingers and toes just yet, so if you want to hang onto it until your bambino is safely in your arms, then by all means keep it with you. It's just a thought.

And hurray for no previa!!