03 March 2011

messages from the universe

So I get a few newsletters and over the past few weeks some messages have been coming, that are also showing up in books I am reading, and things I am hearing both from the inside and outside... I keep hoping to write them here but time does not support that idea, so I decided to try to capture them as they come in.
So today
this one came in my daily my Note from the Universe (edited by me..)

"... boy, Kate, aren't they gonna be shocked when they realize that all along they were, in fact, the person they had always dreamed of becoming?..."


Hm, I say. Hm.


B. said...

Have you ever read any Richard Bach (of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" fame)? He's kind of a flake at times, but a lot of what he writes echoes today's note from the universe. I love his books. I think I will go re-read them now. It's been a few years, and I could use the introspection.

Have a magnificent day!

Pundelina said...

Oh Kate, I like that note! And I like the Notes so I've signed up. Thanks for that.


xxx kisses for Delicious Della

WiseBursche said...

What a beautiful thought. I often has a run-up to beautiful words that often get lost before I jot them down.

But that's wonderful, what I just read there...

I had not heard of Spirit Babies before this, so as Dean pointed out and then you, I might try and go through it.

lilpudge said...

My sweet friend,

This so hit home with me.

It guess it doesn't matter if it's struggles in defining your work journey, if you are in un-chartered motherhood territory or if it's learning to live life without children.

That universal struggle to identify who we are, is always there.

I know for me, it's about possibilities at this point....I just have to get past the fear.
We shall see.

So proud of all you are doing, and striving to do.