17 September 2011

Morning light

Feeling VERY happy this morning to be deliberately creating space for my creative self to flail about.

If you're inclined, you can join us! http://thatplacewego.blogspot.com

You do NOT have to be an artist or someone "creative" to join in the joy of shared experience. Maybe the project you've been putting off is vacuuming. I just know that time goes by so fast, and so much of life is consuming, that it is good to take a moment every now and again and see where I actually am and focus on the good parts.

My paint brushes are on the bathroom floor as distractions for Della while I am otherwise engaged.
Romantic painterly vision, no?

Sunshine on my face
ginger peach tea in my mug
possibility stretches out...

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Sprogblogger said...

And Kate is back! Warm thoughts to you, my friend. Wish I were 'there'.