08 August 2012

Mindful Healing, Day 8 Identity

As part of our healing process, it helps to admit that with our loss, came the loss of one or more identities, roles, personas, facets of our selves as we were, were becoming, or hoped to become.
There is such power in projecting forward our hopes for ourselves and our lives and our loved ones. We connect to an outcome, or the status quo. 

I introduce myself-- I am Kate, I am a ____ usually filled in with workstuff
but really, aren't we all a million different things?

Some of these are contextual
some are permanent
some are transitory
some are things we can have or achieve again 
and some are not

Like innocence, loss of identity can be staggering.
Who am I now? is such an existentially frightening question.

In the moments after loss, this can be profound.
But it turns out, for many of us, there are longer term implications too. 
We will forever be the person who experienced the loss.

So, I invite you to join me in an intention-- 
just for today I will honor the lost parts
and I will hold myself gently in cupped hands, light streaming through the seams, glued imperfectly... no, not back together, but into something new.

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