21 May 2012


Our first parade took place this weekend. Hot sun, high noon, wildly stimulating.
It was the kind of hot that was not fun, and felt a little dangerous.
Thank god for Doug, the backpack he was willing to wear, the stroller he was willing to push... and a short kick in the proverbial shin to anyone who planned this for noon, this CHILDREN AND THE ARTS parade, featuring tons of little kids from all of the area daycares and school programs.
Water water water, blessed shade in the park at the end of the walk.... then home to collapse on the couch.
Our daycare graciously provided the floral decorations. I'm just sayin'.


Dream Seeker said...

Lordy lord, she's just too cute!! That little headband makes her look like a cool kind of flower fairy... Jealous of your sunshine, even if a bit overpowering - it's sunny-ish here but still pretty chilly!x

Aisha said...

So cute!!!! I have the same stroller, we had a huge high-end one but the simple Target one is just easier, lol

B. said...

So cute, but NOON? I'm not even thinking about the UV ramifications. If my toddler isn't asleep by noon or noon-thirty, the whole afternoon is shot. Then there's the sun... Regardless, it looks like you had fun. Hurray for outdoor activities!

Emily Erin said...

Love the flowers, love your Dela Diva! So much wonderfulness, even if it was hot and noonish.