16 May 2012

healing power of oatmeal

I am in need of a good thunderstorm... something definitive.  Rolling thunder, dark dark, real rain...

Barring that, in the twilight of yet another pearly gray shadowless damp warmishsticky coolishclammy whattheheckdoIwear kind of day, I am eating a bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar and half a pint of organic blueberries that I know I should have washed but didn't.

Once upon a time I lived in Seattle for a year, and during that year, I prayed PRAYED for real rain. It was lovely, green, verdant, but perpetually misty. Moisture just was, it never actually fell. A bunch of months into it, I wished for thunder, for rain, for a downpour.

I've gotten wimpy: it's only been a few days of this gray, and even as a nature lover,  I find this flatlighted humidity more than somewhat oppressive.

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Dream Seeker said...

Ha! Yes, I know exactly what you mean...that kind of weather just feels somehow depleting in a can't-stop-yawning kind of way. We've had so much rain here that the garden has become a wilderness, and some wild wild weather that brought waves crashing up against our house. But grey days? Ugh, so dull. Do a little sundance! xx