17 May 2012


I got what I wanted
low rolling thunder
wild lightning
real rain, hard rain, hear-it-on-the-roof-rain..
and today was gloriously clear with the bluest sky and a feeling like I could exhale


markmarv2004 said...

Oh how I miss the Eastern thunder storms. In the West, storms are dramatic in their lengthy arrival, often heart-stopping in their execution, but always brief with streets dried by 20% humidity air in minutes, so no scent of wet pavement or dirt--and because I have a floor of apartments above mine, I can never hear rain on the roof. Be thankful for what you have. Love, Pa

Elizabeth said...

I remember the first thunder storm I experienced when I lived in DC. The air changed SO MUCH. And it was so loud. I sat in the kitchen on the floor with my back to the fridge (I lived with little/no furniture for the first month or so) and called my point-of-contact for all things New and Strange in this city and asked, in all seriousness, "should I go to a shelter." Now I miss them so much. I hope the air is clear for you in all ways that matter today. Much love,