18 December 2008


And so, tuesday we had our injection class.
Faux caucasion belly fat rendered as a plastic rectangle.
A bazillion vials and needles and syringes.
Alcohol wipes.
Sweaty palms.

Ok kate. Deal with it.

So, we mixed we swirled we wiped we waved we drew down and in and up and pinched and poked in and pressed down and pulled up and wiped some more...

Good lord. The nurse is so adept, her hands hold syringe and vial and pull back all with grace and the comfort of many years of doing this over and over and over
I fumble and struggle and color outside the lines and wobble and feel all thumbs and
the bottom line?
...well, i think I can do it. at least the mechanics. it will not be pretty. but it does not have to be. This is a lesson for me folks, a Lesson: it does not have to be pretty, it just has to work.

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