26 December 2008


The power came back on monday night, an early christmas miracle. Truly-- a toilet I can flush at will feels miraculous. I am so relieved it is back on-but also glad to know we can make it through a long power outage if we need to. To the utility companies from all over who came to help- THANK YOU. I have never seen so many people working so hard to get things working again.

Medications arrived from the amazing Ascend pharmacy in Portland last friday- $1450+ for what I needed in addition to the donated medications. For those of you keeping track, the estimate was that the donated drugs were worth about $3K. I left all of the medications in a bag in the fridge at work until I was confident the power was good and on, and brought them home Wednesday.

Today, the 26th, I started the Lupron injections. Here is the true story: I am scared out of my mind of needles--specifically of injections. BUT so far, with this one injection down, I am surprised to say it was not nearly as awful as I expected. It is not comfortable, but those needles are so dang sharp, as you touch it down to your belly skin it just starts to go it. I did no dart throw, no quick jab, no quick anything, just touched it down and pushed it in. Then it was over and stingy but not awful.

Psychologically it does NOT feel ok for me to be pushing something into my own skin, into by belly, but that is a different sort of discomfort. I decided to just do it- to act as if can do this. And I did.

So, one down. Approximately 35 to go.

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