15 December 2008

Sticking the landing

Ice storm and power out at home. Not sure when it will be back on. IVF meds in the fridge at work. That has made me feel more vulnerable than almost anything else.

Up in the pre dawn to head north for the pap smear and while I was there I pre paid for IVF on cap 1 card ($7900+ no meds) and...
a choir of angels was singing. No kidding. A choir was in the rotunda of the hospital and their voices! I cannot describe it. Magical. I got completely choked up.

The pill is going ok- nausea is better but not great. I know this is short-lived, so that helps.

Injection class tomorrow. Prescriptions to be faxed in tomorrow too. Pap results by friday or monday. Injections start 12/26.

I guess it all feels like progress. And it feels a little bit like a wild toboggan ride where once you get going you hope you don't run into a tree. Or one of those crazy dream moments where you fling yourself into the air and then think, huh... hope I stick the landing.

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karen alonge said...

thinking of you, my friend. I'm thrilled to see you are posting so often. :)