19 December 2010


First, an overdue link to the wonderful
Susan Mullen photos she has on her blog. Of the others that she has sent to us, I love so many... oh my. What you can do with talent and a mostly empty diner... for fun I chose just one for this post of Della yawning-- (prelude to a roar perhaps?)

Miss Della is doing wonderfully, lovely lovely, beautiful and very funny. She smiles a lopsided grin that is completely disarming and she does not give it up easily. Doug makes her smile more easily than I do, but she often smiles at me when I am not expecting it, and oh, my heart. She talks to us too, loads of vocalizations, and watches us so intently while we talk.
She's begun to drool and spit up after doing neither for the first 5 weeks. And she snorts. That's my girl.

On wednesday, I adventured out, meeting Baby Smiling In Back Seat for a three act event of craft fair, lunch and diaper shopping. Ever want to be humbled? Meet up with a now time-tested mother of toddling and delightful twins, while wrangling your own 5 week old and your own awkward if hard won new fumbling motherhood. Oh my. She is lovely (truly, as in beautiful) and was such great company-- patient, helpful, smartsmart, pragmatic, supportive, genuine. Her not-so-little ones are beautiful miracles, and I realized once again just how quickly time has passed, since I thought they were about 6 months old and they were born last October!

I survived, Della survived and we made it home and collapsed feeling vaguely successful.

Then, bravekate, I went out to dinner with my dear friend Tammy last night and brought Della, and it went fine. So, look at me! A big girl! Going out!

Good grief. I swear, it is scary although I am not sure exactly why.
Ok that's a lie.
I am afraid of failure and screwing up, I don't like feeling incompetent. But this is not a life stopper, just an awareness I have to work around. I am pretty sure at some point once I get the basics down it will get less intense.

And in the something-to-look-forward-to category, I might get to see Sprogblogger early in the new year! (WHOO HOO).

That's it for the moment, much more to write about (breastfeeding/bottle/pumping, my belly, more advice from a newbie), but must run. This post has taken two days to write. I am absolutely in the midst of the newbaby vortex. I am not sure I have ever lived so intensely.


sprogblogger said...

Oh, Della is absolutely lovely - and you look radiantly beautiful! Such a gorgeous family you have there, my dear!

Speaking of family, my mother sends her love & best wishes & congratulations - she asks about you every time she's been away from her computer for a few days!

SOOOOOOO looking forward to seeing you in January. SO looking forward to being - sort of - neighbors!

B. said...

Beautiful family! I have a bit of newly freed-up time on my hands, so if you ever feel like meeting now that we're both post-pregnancy, let me know. Charlotte loves babies (she just stares and waves at them), and I would love to see you in motherly action. Imagine, just a year ago, we were planning our first meeting. Oh, how much has changed!

karen alonge said...

WOO HOO! these are amazing. makes my heart sing to see you all so happy together. thanks for posting!

Grade A said...

Della is delightful as are your radiant and contagious smiles.


Emily Erin said...

Wonderful-- the love is tangible in these photos. So glad that you're starting to feel a bit more sure of yourself as you venture out into the world...

Michele said...

gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas!

Joannah said...

Thank you for sharing those adorable pictures! I consider them a little Christmas gift. :)

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Della is just too adorable for words. Enjoy the intensity, that's a perfect way to put it!

linda said...

What a beautiful family!! Seeing the three of you together brings tears of joy to my eyes!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Much love,

KathyB said...

After viewing these photos, the word that comes to mind is "spectacular." I got tingly and a little weepy at how tender and wonderful you look together. You have a beautiful little family, Kate. I am happy for you.



Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

So very wonderful to see you both, and thank you for all of the praises.

Once I fumbled too (and two). Better every day.

Elizabeth said...

Could that baby get any cuter? And you Kate, whatever your fears and hopes about "the belly", you look fantastic in photos. Just beautiful.

Thinking of you. Your writing about going out, about the fear, about over-thinking and over-worrying sounds so familiar to me. I remember the day I (finally) took Liam to the grocery store by myself, I think he was 6 months old. I came home and just could not believe that we had actually gone to the grocery store, and bought groceries, and got them home -- just the two of us -- and neither did the sky fall nor the earth open up. I thought everything would be so hard, so impossible. Your accomplishments, however they may seem to you, seem remarkable to me.

Happy, happy solstice. Wishing for an easy and peaceful journey around the sun this year. With love,


cheap electronics said...

wonderful you look together. You have a beautiful little family, Kate. I am happy for you