07 December 2010

heartache for Elizabeth

Oh my heart aches for my dear friend Elizabeth, who lost her husband Will to complications from acute lung rejection (he had CF and a transplant) on November 29th. In my more intermittent internet time, I just learned about it today.

There is such strength and love in all that she has written, including this most recent post. Please, if you can, go send love. I do not know how folks manage coping with the loss of a loved one after an acute or chronic illness, where you know loss is possible or maybe even probable, but fight every fight to keep it at bay.

I can only send love, which I am, which I do.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you Kate, thank you. You always know a right thing to say to make me feel understood and cared for. It's a remarkable gift you have.

Della is the most beautiful baby, truly a wonder. What a thing, this chance to find your way with her. It makes me feel so very happy for you.

With love,

agoodic said...

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