29 December 2010

Color outside the lines

Live a gutsy, self-aware life.
Ignite the spark in your soul and lay down the
tracks to the songs in your heart. Define your reason for being; go deep, soak up your essence,
then honor your authentic self.
Break the chains that bind you.
Free yourself from your self-imposed restrictions
and be courageous towards all that you dread.
Don’t let the fear of judgment quell your spirit.
Proudly flaunt your humanity,
with all its exquisite imperfections.
Experience the edge of life.
Make mistakes. Color outside the lines.
Go to the brim of what is familiar and jump off.
After all, a vibrant life is filled with stops,
starts and stumbles.
Participate in your dreams and have faith.
You are standing on the edge of bliss.
Do it. Do that next big thing.
Become your own hero. ©


Linda Staniger said...

Love this, I will read it over and over. Congratulations on your beautiful Bella. Love the name.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I saw a blog you have on suicide. My husband, soul mate and best friend committed suicide a week and a half ago. I'm already in therapy and looking for support groups for survivors of suicide. If I did not see this on your blog forgive me for writing this. Thank you, Linda

Maggie said...

Wow, you know when some things come at just the right time? I needed to read this poem today. Thank you for sharing it xxx

Anonymous said...

I am catching up - happy holidays.

I am so happy for you - you are a hero.

BTW, my freezer stash lasted for months and it was worth all of the pumping in hindsight...although at the time, I hated it...

Jem said...

thanks for sharing that poem. i passed it on to the mister. he needs some inspiration right now.

hugs, Jem