05 December 2010

ice crystal baleen and international orange

So today I did one of two things planned: I hiked.
The coffee shop may happen tomorrow, we'll see.

I put on my bright orange vest and hiked up to the first overlook, much farther than I expected.

I left late and the sky was filled with low clouds and soft yellow light.

At the base of the trail, I watched my feet on the slippery oak leaves, the glimmers of ice on rock, and crunched my way across ice that pushes upwards, stalagmites, opening the soil and raising it-- amazing really. In some places this ice is so high and so uniform, it looks like baleen, striated curtains. I remember thinking this every year, rediscovering it, surprised by the power of the formation of crystals to move the earth.

As I climbed higher, I started to look up and out. The light was so soft. The hillsides are nearly totally bare of leaves, even the oaks are nekkid this year, only a few held any leaves at all. So the woods were open and the feeling as I made my way up was one of openness too- sky and empty branches. I loved looking out across through the woods, seeing so much sky even in the thick of it.

I made my way slowly, honored the budded blueberry bushes that are thinking about next year's fruit...
I stayed long enough to breathe, to thank my body for the journey thus far, to really look out, to see the familiar lump and roll of the land and hillsides as they fall away and rise across the little valley, and take note that the ice on the bog is actually visible from up there....

I knew Della was safely taken care of, and I did not feel that I needed to rush. But oh, I missed her. So coming home felt warmer even than usual. And I got home before dark.

I wrote to my mom to tell her of my adventure, and I just got this amazing, beautiful reply:

and there I was peering through the trees knowing that the
sky was glorious but only seeing fringes of the gold, peach
and slight grey and white and pale blue and and and....
but you were IN it !! How perfect.
so glad for your mini adventures.
xox momma

And I wonder: What will I write to Della?


tireegal68 said...

Here I am wondering where is this cold open welcoming landscape that you describe....
I'm glad for you!
Does this mean Della can take a bottle? If so I'm envious - still working on that before I can make a run for the hills - or the flats in my case?
Keep up those giant baby steps, Mama:)

Emily Erin said...

Thank you for sharing a window into your world! Baby steps are still steps; don't forget that.

Grade A said...

I've left so many comments in indelible typing...just wanted to say that you are doing great!!

All your stresses will be due to some other issue as time passes, and the moments will meld, so take heart and enjoy all that the three of you have to teach each other.


Joannah said...

I'm so glad you got out and were able to do something you have always enjoyed.

You've been on my mind, but I'm staying with my parents for a while until my headaches are resolved. All that to say that I'm not checking in on my favorite blogs very often. I still need to mail Della's package - soon! :)

Nic said...

Great that you managed to trek. I hope you are feeling well.
I can not believe she is 1 month old already!