14 March 2012

Pi day

First and foremost: thank you! thank you for understanding my vanity-rant, by bathing suit blues, my obsessive redirection (look over there!) when other things (summer!) are too uncomfortable to contemplate.

The truth is, the bathing suit thing sucks. So, some swim shorts are on order (the last suit was skirted and horrid).  If the shorts "work" I'll simply (ha)  find a top that works with the shorts. If not, well... I'll cope.

Della is still sick but better than she was (fever gone thank goodness). We had three nights in a row that were horrid (HORRID) with her waking every 3-9 minutes (I timed it) to flail, choke and cry.  Awful.

Enter realization that we had stopped the reflux medication when we started her last course of penicillin a few weeks back for the throat infection, so yeah, we are so sorry Della.  But this realization was not before two things happened: I had a terrifying dead baby dream that left me reeling, and Doug absolutely freaked himself out over the possibility that we might have black mold in our apartment (if you look it up, prepare to be terrorized by the awful litany of bad health things it can cause).

Samples have been collected and sent to labs, and all surface mold has been cleaned with renewed vigor. An air scrubber has been procured and deployed. Sunshiny beautiful weather means windows are open, air is moving through the apartment, life is better.

I'm sick but getting better. At least I am better now than last night. This morning I felt like crap, but the general trajectory is one of improvement.

Doug had a day of chills and feeling fevery yesterday, but believes it was just exhaustion. We slept apart last night to help us all gather some sleep (and Della had a half dose of Benadryl to help with her cough and congestion on the suggestion of the doc she saw yesterday). The benadryl was not the solve-all-things miracle I hoped for, but it sure did help the cough and snot.  A lot. So while there was her usual waking and flailing, there was no choking and gasping and crying. Hear hear. Let's hear it for improved sleep for all of us!

Ok-- the call goes out:  Co-sleepers, how and when did you transition? And how did you deal with your own separation anxiety?


sprogblogger said...

Oh, poor little one--and poor mama, too. That dream sounds horrible! Glad you're all well and recovering. And yes--happy Pi day!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Oh man! We have the super cough drippy gasping thing going on here too but it sounds like Miss Della is having a really tough time. Big hugs from way over here where it is wet and soggy and hints of spring are showing up and giving me hope of sun.

Emily Erin said...

For the co-sleeping question, to make me feel better, we used a video monitor (secondhand off craigslist) and for the first week, just watched until I fell asleep. Funny enough, she was fine--slept better the first day than we had in a long time. After I saw that *everyone* slept better, it was a tiny bit easier to do (but boy did I miss my baby snuggles!) Good luck!

Also, a side note on the bathingsuit quest-- 'Lands End on the counter' (under the sale tag)-- you can get a swim dress or swim mini for $5 if you wait until, so if you hate it, no big deal. There are also often cute tops too. At least that way, if you hate it, you've only spent $20 with shipping.

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, my only idea about co-sleeping is try to strike when you can. Liam still needs me to help him fall asleep every night and still makes his way into my bed between 11:30PM and 2:30 AM every night. Except for one or two remarkable occasions when he slept in his own bed until 4AM. Ugg -- this sleep thing is one of the ones I think I have screwed up the most.

Hope your colds are all on the mend, on the way out for good this year, leaving on the heels of winter to make room for spring! Much love,