07 April 2010


Mo just got the best news ever-- and my heart is a Very Happy Heart right now.

Scheduled our NT scan for the 20th (which will be at 12w2d ifallgoeswell), scared about it, eager to have it over with. Will not see the good doc that day at all, just genetic counseling (yet again), ultrasound, blood draw. Results will be sent to my OB (my what? holycrap) in 3-7 days. Hope it is closer to 3. Hope more than anything it is good news.

Yesterday morning, awake at 3:15, tossed turned twitched until 4:30 or so... then, lying there with windows open, I heard an Owl calling! I had not yet heard it (my darlin' has)-- it was wonderful. I am not sure what is happening to sleep, wake at 3ish, stay awake, wide awake for an hour or more, then dream crazyassdreams of uncomfortable things like not-favorite-exes and then last night, giving birth but having no memory of it whatsoever. The dreams are completely nutty, scattered, filled to overflowing oddness.

I did not mention, but I stopped progesterone last saturday. My body does not miss it (white plasticky flecked goop), and there've been no changes at all to my symptoms. So I am hopeful all is well.

Today is oddly hot and humid. The snow just left my back yard saturday, and these iris bulbs I planted last fall came up and burst open into the most beautiful purple flowers about 4" off the ground. Everywhere else is gray and brown, a million textures waiting for a hint of green, but the iris? Stunning. The cool thing is that I bought full sized ones, so this early bloom, these tiny gems, are a complete surprise. Not what I wanted or expected but exactly what was needed.


Mo and Will said...

Oh! Kate, thank you! Both for your lovely comment and for this shout out. We are really happy. keep pinching ourselves, actually.

And 10 weeks, girl - WOW- you are PREGnant!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

There are daffodils and crocuses in my front yard, and I was so pleased to be able to point them out to my little ones. Hooray for spring!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for owls calling and iris blooming and a sweet, small, magic growing baby. Love to you,

Anonymous said...

wow. the nt scan. it's totally real, you know? i'm super psyched!!

i love the first flowers of the spring. especially when everything else looks so gross. it almost looks like hope, you know?


Anonymous said...

i hope you thoroughly enjoy your nt scan...watching your little baby float and flutter about within your womb...it's magical. that u/s was my favorite one b/c the baby is so small that their entire body fits on the screen and you get to see their every twitch...enjoy!! and make sure to get it recorded to a dvd...you'll definitely want to watch it again. :)

babyinterrupted said...

yay, yay, yay for the happy. :) and i'm not missing the plastic-y goop either. not at all.

Michele said...

I love reading your updates and knowing all is so well!

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