22 April 2010

salt over shoulder

So, after our fabulous and miraculous ultrasound we told everyone who needs telling that we could think of-- the big reveal- and, as it turns out, just like last time, I feel like I jinxed it.
My 36 hours of bliss passed this morning when I woke up and realized I already felt like shit. I felt really off. Insanely tired and icky and, well, off. This is usual for me at night but not morning. Morning = tired, and morning = needs food-- but nothing like this usually. So, me, being me, (I being I)...
I went to work-- made it about 20 minutes before I realized I was being really stupid---
then came home and got into bed. But not before noticing tan-ish mucus (sorry Dad) which I've had a few times this week.
So, I read a little, slept a little, and finally ate something mid afternoon.
Not sure what happened here- some sound theories about eating a banned substance (casein hidden in soy cheese) in sufficient quantity at last night's dinner to cause my body to rebel-- also maybe just not getting enough protein last night and not eating enough this morning.

And I know I am in a bleeding mode- bloody blood draw on tuesday, and bloody acupuncture-- so the mucus is probably just cervix stuff. But.... sheesh.

No matter why, I wish I had done two things differently: I wish I had stayed in bed this morning instead of trying to go to work, and I wish I had called the OB about the mucus and the change in ick pattern just for reassurance. I assure you, I will tomorrow.

Now? Off to bed.
Promise to do a better job posting soon.


Grade A said...

Here's hoping you have sweet dreams and get reassurance tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you.

Illanare said...

Thinking of you.

Kate said...

Hope all is well. Maybe rentingbuying a doppler would help att this point?

sprogblogger said...

Hoping reassurance comes your way quickly today. And seconding the doppler suggestion. It's seriously keeping me sane (ish).

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Thirding the doppler suggestion. Th mucus you're describing sounds like leukorrhea to me, a normal occurence in pregnancy. It's worth a call to your OB though, just to see if she wants to check you for a yeast infection or anything else.


Jules a.k.a. Julie said...

The doppler has been a lifesaver for me! Seriously, as Susan said, sane(ish). Hoping you get reassurance today. You are in my thoughts!

Searching for Serenity said...

Sending you comfort and peace.

I started spotting (brown) at 11 weeks and it continued off and on until well into my 22nd week. It was alarming. Started moments before I was to begin sharing the news with friends and family.

I was told to not worry unless it was pink or red. It was always brown. I was told that it's left over. The larger the baby grows the more "stuff" gets pushed out.

Please keep us updated. I'm thinking about you.

Jamie said...

I'm hesitant to post this comment, but after reading a few of your posts I suppose I should.

I bled the whole pregancy with Andrew. Almost like a period each month. Sometimes brown, but mostly red, red, red. Each time it scared the shit out of me and we thought we lost him. But each time it was fine. No explanation from the Dr. other than "every woman is different."
So this time, I haven't had a SINGLE drop. Not even implantation bleeding. So, for me, this is abnormal.

Maybe that helps. Maybe that doesn't.

Hugging you and holding you firmly in my prayers.

blog for steveLi said...

The doppler has been a lifesaver for me! Seriously, as Susan said, sane(ish). Hoping you get reassurance today. You are in my thoughts!mp3 sunglass