20 May 2010

Odes, love, frogs and onesies

Ok loved ones, I have no idea who did it, who wrote those amazingly nice things to Mel at Stirrup Queens for her current secret odes post, but I am honored and humbled please know that you have made my heart bigger.

Sweet DaisyGal (twin mom after IVF) alerted me to the shout out in a kind comment, and, well, gosh...I am seriously humbled.

Last night I drove home with the radio off. The rain had stopped and the sky was filled with ragged bottomed clouds of every imaginable gray.
I listened to the shhhh of the tires on wet pavement, the squeaky push of intermittent wipers, and watched the season's first frogs cross over the frost heaves on the back road toward home, headlights lighting up their little offset pyramid-bodies as they sit in the middle of the road, or their haphazard hops, legs splayed and trailing as they move in fits and starts toward the edges.

Swampy spots in the woods that I did not even know about were filled with cacophonous peeper sounds, and as the sky darkened, I was just so overcome by the beauty and richness of all that I miss when I am in the land of must-get-home and NPR. The dark woods, the rails knocked down along the top edge of the fence that holds the painted ponies, the hay lumped up and bristling through the slats in the hayrack...

Tonight, the wood thrush has been making it's magical call- wood nymphs and faeries playing flutes carved from starshine...the Most astonishing sound.

I bought my first baby things today- Amazon needed 5$ more to give me free shipping, I caved, I bought a 4-pack of organic onesies. Tonight we celebrate our great sequential screen results (aka Negative!), so no further testing is needed unless something alarming happens at the anatomy ultrasound in 3 weeks. We hope to not know the gender until late October when our little one arrives safely into this big wide world.


Mad Hatter said...

You deserve all the props you get, darling Kate...and organic onesies! So sweet! October is a beautiful month to have a baby...

sprogblogger said...

Hurrah for negative test results! And I'm delighted you're keeping baby's identity a secret from yourselves (though I'd never have the patience for such a surprise and feel like calling your US tech. to see if maybe they'd tell ME what flavor you're getting!)

Seriously - yay for onesies, yay for October baby, and yay for you - I agree - you deserve every bit of praise you get.

Circus Princess said...

I found you at Mel's secret odes, and I'm so happy I did. Your writing is pure poetry.

Love that you got your first baby thing :)

Kate said...

Glad the screen was great, and that you got your first baby clothes. And loved your writing as always - can't wait to hear you describe those first movements.

DaisyGal said...

yes, your blog has been like a gift,,your writing is sooo beautiful, I could actually see and hear those frogs and it was a sweet thing .

I love that you bought onesies....it seems such a small thing but something that is BIG in the universe of "believing" isn't it???

wishing you a beautiful weekend, filled with more sweet moments. :)

IVF 40+ said...

congrats on the screening and the blog props. You do have a wonderful gift with words. Thanks

Michele said...

what great news!

and, as always, reading your descriptions of nature make me long for New England!

What IF? said...

The kudos are so well deserved.

Cotton onesies: how wonderfully affirming and exciting to embrace the thought of a real, wriggly, 3-dimensional baby to fill it out this fall.

I'm thrilled to read you're past 100 days and feeling a little more energetic. Thinking of you daily.