02 May 2010

the wedding edition

Hello loved ones,
so, the wedding.

You might remember our engagement at christmas and my subsequent freak out complete with PTSD craziness, but


My darlin was raised by a loving and very young mom with lots of help from a beloved grandma- but no dad. And for him, being a Dad, a capital letter D Dad is really important. It is his story to tell of course, but it brings us to this: he wanted to be married before the baby came.
He also wanted to be married in the fall.
The baby, who may actually BE coming, is coming in the fall.
So, that left me with what felt like two options: get married asap, or wait until I am a whale (aka wait until the fall), or wait until after.
Summer is not possible since his job is 24 hours a day in summertime..... so....
our anniversary is Earth day, the anniversary of our first date that is, so I said (in a crazy moment the night before the last ultrasound at the clinic), why don't we elope on Earth day? or something close?
and then I panicked, because that is what I do.
and then we had a great ultrasound and this looked like it might actually work out...
so, then we decided on the 17th.
We knew where to get a cake from previous baked goods experience (Bread and Roses, Ogunquit Maine. WORTH THE DRIVE people, I'm just sayin'). Cake is really the thing for my darlin, so we started there.
And then, since the cake was in Maine, we decided to elope there.
Found a Justice of the Peace online (Julie Draper- wonderful wonderful)
yeah. Started to think about really doing this.
Then got kidney stones.
then we went up a weekend of 80 and sunny and met Julie, whom we adored. Found the town hall.
looked for venues and places for dinner and hotels for our friends...
we wore ourselves out, and did not make much progress.
Somewhere in there I decided to see if I could find a photographer so our friends would not have to do everything. And I found one, a MAGNIFICENT photographer, Susan Mullen. I was bold enough to ask, and she was sweet enough to say yes even on such short notice and such a small budget. She was willing to do one hour which made it all possible, and she is such a wonderful person. All these crazy beautiful photos here today were taken by her.

And, in a crazy search online for hiking trails, I accidentally found our ceremony site, a nature reserve in Wells.
the next weekend, 60 and sunny, up again- ordered the cake, found a fabulous florist by asking a random shop keeper and could not have been happier with the wild tangled bouquet (created by the totally hip and intuitive Heather at Calluna) who somehow got me, and somehow got me fiddleheads... we found a restaurant (the oh so wonderful Angelina's, expensive but really great food and service), and visited the reserve.
As soon as we saw the dried grasses in that high field, oh, I cried. Yup. It was the place.

So, the next weekend, cold (30's) and rainy, cold cold, damn cold, we woke up to snow on friday-- then, up we went for the license, our friends came up on saturday, and the rain stopped just long enough for us to celebrate.

You asked for more photos and I am torn-- there are many good ones! But in the interest of internet obfuscation, I am only including a few here, all of which you will see are lacking in, shall we say, identifying details. If you find us elsewhere, it won't be surprising, we are not hard to find. But I'd rather not just put it up and out here.
Please note the amazing loveliness of the place. The true magnificence. And the grass. Oh, the grass.

Then, we went to the beach.


IrishNYC said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations again.

Kate said...

How exciting! It looks so beautiful there.

Another Julia said...

Looks like an absolutely perfect wedding...you both look so happy!
Congratulations. :)

karen alonge said...

ahhhhh, very satisfying post, my friend. thank you!

babyinterrupted said...

Oh, such joy, so evident for both of you. Thank you for letting us peek into your wonderful day.

BelowAverageAthlete said...

Beautiful! Congrats!

Illanare said...

It looks and sounds just perfect. Thank you for the wedding edition!

Searching for Serenity said...

How absolutely glorious and wonderful and beautiful that it all came together. The joy in your glowing face radiates happiness and love.

Congrats to you both!

Nic said...

So beautiful, what a perfect spot.
I am pleased it all came together so well.
Very happy for you both! Congratulations!
Nic x

Pundelina said...

Beautiful sweet-married-Kate!

Congratulations to you and your handsome darlin'!


musicmakermomma said...

So happy for you both (all!) Lovely pix, glad you got such a special day so uniquely you!

alyssa said...

you are lovely, sweet kate, i have never seen you happier. congrats.

IF Optimist, then... said...

Lovely, radiant, happy. My heart is full for you both. Congratulations. I am overjoyed that you were able the find THE cake, THE flowers, THE officiant, THE place to make YOUR day truly memorable, magnificent and magic. Congratulations to Kate and Doug. May your lives be filled with a symphony of love and laughter.

Joannah said...


Michele said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you!

Barefoot said...

What beautiful pictures. What a beautiful day. Congratulations.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing these!!

Anonymous said...

wow. that is such a great story. and the pics look amazing!!!!! soo, sooooo happy for you :)


What IF? said...

Stunningly beautiful place for a lifechanging ceremony and the photos. Oh the photos! They're beyond worthy of a magazine spread. Thank you for sharing a little more of your magnificent day and how it came to be. So incredibly happy for you, your darlin' and your precious little bean who was present on your big day. Your post made me want to get married to my husband all over again.

linda said...

The photos are simply beautiful and that so little planning went into this day makes it even more precious that such beauty just comes naturally! I love the first one that you posted. I hope you printed a huge one of that!
A gazillion congratulations, love, and lifetime of happiness to the two of you!

Grade A said...

SO lovely!!! Best wishes.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

That is a great story. I love that you picked the location based on the cake.

I have been to that nature reserve! Good choice.


Billy said...


Jem said...

Best wishes to you and congratulation to your new husband (!). I'm so glad the planet aligned and you had your perfect moment with beautiful pictures. And nary a bump showing. You do look so, so happy!

robin said...

Really beautiful photos and story. Congratulations and best wishes for many fun family days to you both. So glad all is well!

K said...

Perfect. And what a sweet story. So happy for you.

DaisyGal said...

wow, that is a beautiful story and the pictures, PERFECT!
(I am here because of the Secret Ode Days at Stirrup Queens and I love your blog. Would love to follow if you let me )

CONGRATULATIONS on so many things....what an amazing life huh?