26 February 2012


Della is sick again, a fevery snotty thing, where she is holding her mouth open and drooling copiously. Today was a day of fitful napping and much crying, snot and drool, and not letting me let her down even for a moment. This is hard, and I'm tired, and sad for her for feeling shitty *again*-- I swear it feels like we get something new just as the last thing is starting to feel resolved. I feel so bad for her for feeling so bad so often these past months. Daycare is a blessing, it really is, but there are parts of it that totally suck. This tour of viral infestations is certainly a major downside.

Doug has arranged to stay home with her tomorrow. We try to take turns with this. All I can say is that I now feel like a time bomb... with our track record so far, she and I tend to share bugs. Doug, with his superhuman, works-with-kids immune system, seems to dodge more than he catches.

In happier news, she is talking a lot more-- many words are coming out besides armpit. We also have elbow, "oss" or "osh" for "off", she says "upanda" for up and down, things that are hot or cold she says are hot, there are bowls now and she knows how to whisper.  She holds her finger up and says shhhh.  She wants to be swaddled a million times in a row, but let out immediately please.  She still says "mo" for more, with the sign, but instead of the Grommet-esque fists, she now bounces her fingertips together, my big girl.

She gets intonation; to ask questions in her Della-language, she knows to go up at the end.

She is totally amazing, adorable, growing too fast, and simply rocks my world.
Now, please excuse me while I go drink some elderberry and pray to the virus gods to spare me.


Mo and Will said...

Ah, she sounds adorable! Snot and all. wishing you the best in dodging this latest viral onslaught. just think - by next year you'll have an immune system to rival Doug's! thanks also for your encouraging words on my latest post. i really appreciate it.


Emily Erin said...

Hoping that you're able to dodge this one, or if you get it that for you it's just some sniffles. Her language sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing a window to your world.

IF Optimist, then... said...

No fair for all of this sicky stuff. Let's be done! Hope you don't get even a whiffle of a sniffle. Smell Della's hair for me and say "sweetlie".

Lavender Luz said...

I love this language acquisition stage -- everything progresses so quickly and it's amazing to watch.

I hope you are staying well. I'll have to try the elderberry trick sometime.

Thank you for your sweet comment, Kate :-).

B. said...

I have to admit that as much as I miss my hours away from being mommy, I am happy to have Charlotte out of daycare and healthy for months at a stretch. I hope you get a great pay-off- a kindergartner with an iron-clad immune system by the time Della starts school. That's the perk "they" tout, isn't it? I guess my house will pay our dues then instead of now. Someone needs to figure out how to teach toddlers to blow their noses... would make kid-colds so much easier to bear.

I hope Della feels better soon, and stays that way. And that you don't catch anything else for a good long time.