10 February 2012

Horton, tempests, teacups, pilates

And, it was two years ago today Della and I began our journey together-- a bizarre pinchy transfer in a room big enough for a party.  The table in the absolute center.  A doc I met just that day (whom I liked), a nurse I did not like at all who did not know how to do the ultrasound... and the news that of the two we had to transfer, one had "high implantation potential", and we were handed a little photo of our amazing cell clusters.

Now, looking at Della, it is like looking at a speck of dust and finding out it is a universe.

How could that possibly be this? I don't know.

Tempest in a teacup.

Della is asleep on Doug right now, one of the most beautiful things I witness.
I just stayed up late and made a shitty carrot cake, my first try with a new gluten free flour mix. Bah. Terrible. Thrown out terrible. Disappointing. King Arthur's flour mix. I thought I would be in good hands. But no.  Smelled weird, strange texture.... yeah, no.

But! Pilates today, my first introduction. Kicked my ass, made me humble, made me laugh, made me focus, made me wish I had done it sooner, made me wish I were 20 years younger. But I left feeling, somehow, that this is more important than it might seem. Symbolic? Maybe. The studio is called Equilibrium. If only.

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B. said...

Horton is the basis for my understanding of the universe- we're all on dust specks within dust specks, carrying other smaller dust specks around with us. I never got any points in physics classes for this theory, but it really is how I see the universe. So cool of you to mention it!

Happy anniversary of the day you and Della became one. What a beautiful miracle she is, and what a wonderful family she joined. In the face of everything, I feel so lucky for us both.