29 February 2012

Happy leap day

Mindful return to the fungie (7 minutes is my magical number)
Heater cranked up against my achy chills
Lights on against the dark

Hot water with a shot of chai (a dreamy drink, try it sometime!, not a latte) scenting the room with spicy wonderfulness.
A great talk with my sister to kick off the day.
I feel shitty, but things do not suck.  So I'm up when maybe I should be down...but I kind of don't want to sleep through it!

I just sort of feel like things are brewing and things are possible, even if I don't know what. Maybe just tea  with toast and cinnamon, maybe a wild rush of work that needs doing will get done. Maybe all of that wonderful soul work I've been working on will be percolating away in my periphery, about to blurp out something ah-ha-tasitc.

Even if today just brings the feelings of possibility and unsuckiness and the magic of snowfall?
I'm in.

Happy leap day everyone.


sprogblogger said...

And right back to you--Happy Leap Day! And may it be a most productive and happy one for you!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Where is my brain that I didn't realize today was a leap day? I knew it was coming and then I blinked and it was gone. I lurves me some rooibus chai. Had some today in fact. Celeste grabbed my tea cup and slurped and slurped, then the Viv polished off another third leaving mommy with a few paltry drops and a big grin.